Yesterday the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act became violent as protesters reportedly burnt down a car in Daryaganj and pelted stones at the cops, who allegedly lathi-charged before detaining them. 

So in order to simply relay what really happened yesterday, here’s a brief timeline of the events in the chronological order of them being reported by the media.

A car parked outside the DCP’s office in Daryaganj was torched as protests turned violent. 

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Reports also stated that the protestors were involved in pelting stones at the cops. 

The protesters have meanwhile accused Delhi Police of using violence against peaceful protesters. 


As things got heated and people were getting detained by Delhi Police, videos involving police violence against bystanders started going viral on Twitter.

ScoopWhoop couldn’t independently verify the authenticity of the video. 

Delhi Police then allegedly also detained minors in the aftermath of the violence which took place at Delhi gate in New Delhi.

This led to a massive uproar amongst the prostestors including students, teachers and activists assembling outside the Delhi Police headquarters in ITO to demand that the cops let the minors go and allow other detainees to contact their lawyers. 

People on Twitter then started rallying to find medical support for those injured in the violence and finding lawyers to get to the Daryaganj Police station and help the people police had detained. 

However, reports state that for a long time, police did not allow either to meet and provide their services to the people they had detained during the protests. 

Delhi’s Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Arul Varma heard the Daryaganj protest matter at his residence and the judge sought to assure legal & medical aid, besides minors’ rights.

The CMM also said that detention of minors is a flagrant violation of the law. The law is well settled in this regard.


After continued protests at ITO, even past midnight, Delhi Police finally released the minors they had detained. 

But the minors claim that police had beaten them up during a lathi charge and even inside the station after they had been taken in. 

A minor has alleged that the police asked them to remove their pajamas and beat them with a belt in the station. 

Meanwhile, reports on Twitter state that 15 people have been arrested for Daryaganj violence. They will be produced in Tiz Hazari court post 2 PM.