Percy Shroff and Jimmy Mistry, former members of Shiamak Davar’s troupe have filed a lawsuit against the choreographer for alleged sexual abuse. According to reports , the two men joined Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts in India when they were in their teens.

Mistry claims his interactions with Davar increased after he was shortlisted to be a part of the core dance group, which mainly consists of male dancers. Allegedly, the choreographer regularly flirted with these dancers and took them out for treats. Further, they were also initiated into a religious group headed by Davar called the VRRP Spiritual Learning group.

According to Mistry’s lawsuit, Davar forced his students (including Mistry) to touch his private parts. Shroff mentions in his lawsuit that he was touched, kissed and even made to shower with the choreographer. Further, he alleges that sexual advances were made towards him.

Both Shroff and Mistry claim that Davar controlled their lives for a very long time, influencing important decisions in their lives. Shroff told CBC News that Davar publicly humiliated him if he did not reciprocate the sexual advances.

Davar has denied all such claims so far and states he ‘has never had inappropriate sexual relations’ with the two students. Moreover, he insists that he has faith in the justice system and that his name will be cleared on all accounts.