What was your reaction to BBC’s documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ ?

The channel aired the documentary on March 4, after which, it found its way to YouTube and, before the day was over, to most of our laptops. Don’t pretend you weren’t outraged. Don’t pretend you didn’t grieve with the victim’s parents. Don’t pretend you weren’t ashamed.

So, we’re not quite sure why there’s been so much outrage over evolutionary biologist and writer, Richard Dawkins’ tweets.

Source: Twitter

It’s not ‘India vs. the rest of the world’. Have we missed the point?

Why are we so quick to take offence? There’s no denying that we’re faced with the uphill task of making India safe for women, is there?

Naivete, perhaps?

There IS a problem. A grave problem, one that cannot be remedied by turning a blind eye. And let’s be honest? We knew about the problem, long before Dawkins tweeted about it.

Source: Indiatimes

It’s time to face the music, India. And, instead of routinely being offended, let’s try and learn from our mistakes.