Over the last few weeks, every supporter of the Modi-Shah government at the centre has been feverishly asking anti-CAA protestors to first read the bill. 

Warning: This is a rant!


That is really funny. And I’ll explain why. 


That GIF is rude. I know. But It’s an accurate representation of you. That’s how you sound when you find every tweet, every post, every comment against CAA and ask people to read. 

What makes you think we haven’t?


Our fucking lives depend on it. Agreed, the CAA doesn’t state anything about taking anybody’s citizenship. You know, how we know that?

Because we fucking read! There are students who are protesting. Yeh log saalon se inhi topics pe padhai kar rahe hain!


You know we also know that the government has no plans whatsoever to relocate these immigrants, house them, give them jobs etc! And even if they have anything, they haven’t made it public yet. So we yeah, we haven’t been able to access top-secret government documents to read!


The CAA also conveniently leaves out Muslims, because they aren’t minorities in the 3 countries the government is so worried about. 

But here’s the deal. There are persecuted Muslims communities amongst our closest neighbours. Like the Ahmedis from Pakistan and the Rohingyas from Myanmar, people who need urgent and immediate attention. 

Here, read about the Rohingyas and the Ahmedis

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But the government hasn’t even bothered to clarify about the criteria it used to choose these three particular communities. Also, giving citizenship based on one’s faith is against the constitution. 


You know, how we know that? *all sing in unison* Because we’ve read the constitution!


And this is just the CAA. Let’s make you lot a little more uncomfortable now. Let’s talk about the NRC. 

Do you understand that most of you also do not have the documents to prove your citizenship? This isn’t a long queue to buy the new Jio sim. Sirf Aadhar Card se nahi chalega idhar. 

Aadhar Cards and Voter IDs are not proof of citizenship. No prizes for guessing how we know that! 


There is no way that states that get hurricanes and floods and wildfires every year can produce any documents. I mean, people only started delivering babies in hospitals in this country about some 20 years ago. 

Daai maa se lega kya birth certificate? 

So when most of us are declared illegals in our country, we’ll have no voting rights, no land, no country! Now that is secular. It’s gonna bite everyone in the ass, irrespective of their religion. 


But, Hindu, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains, Christians and Buddhists still have some legal ways to get back into the country. The CAA literally says that they can, conveniently leaving the Muslims in the detention centres. 

It’s simple maths. 2+2=4. Unlike the (a+b)2 like Modi ji talked about. 

We know this because we have read the CAA, the NRC. But not just that, we have also read the history of the world. This isn’t something new. 


This has happened before. The signs are too similar. If you’re feeling weak, have a bit of fever and your eyes are yellow, you probably have jaundice! 

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Because, job or no job, nobody wants to sit 24*7 on the streets of Delhi for weeks on an end during peak winter. These people have families, friends, a life, all of which have been put on hold to protest something fundamentally wrong. 


Trust me, we have the read the bill, the complete bill, not the one forwarded in the family WhatsApp group. So the only question is, have you?