Dear PM Modi, 

Can you imagine what Superman would look like without his costume? Or Captain America trying to save the world without his shield? Or Thor surviving even a day without his hammer?  

What? You need Indian examples to understand better. Wait, hold up. Let me start again.  

Dear PM Modi,  

Can you imagine Lord Hanuman without his gada, or Lord Rama without his bow and arrow? Seems impossible, right? 

So, then why are our front-line warriors, whom you only called, gods on earth still don’t have enough PPEs? Without that “Suraksha-Kawach”, are we not compromising on their safety? And if they fall sick, who will take care of us?

On 6th April, Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA), a part of AIIMS Hospital, one of the leading hospital in the fight against COVID-19, wrote a heartbreaking letter to you.  

In the letter, the body has complained that doctors are receiving criticism from the general public when they tried to address their problems related to the availability of PPEs, testing equipment and quarantine facilities online on social media. 

The letter appeals to you that it is “the duty of the government to ensure that these “soldiers” are heard, their opinion respected, rather than humiliated”. 

Yes, sir, this is indeed your duty. When you have the power to influence the lakhs of Indians to clap and light diyas together, you surely have the power to tell people to stop being ungrateful. 

But more importantly, when you have the power to build large statues or dams, you surely have the power to provide our front-line warriors with enough PPEs.

There is no use denying that the government miscalculated the supply and demand of PPEs. Even the textile Ministry has admitted that the “rate of supply is not able to meet the rising demand”. But, perhaps all is not lost yet. As you said, the fight is going to be long and we can’t afford to stop or take rest. Similarly, we can’t afford to lose our doctors to COVID-19.

I’m sure you are already familiar with India’s low doctor-patient ratio. In times, when we are dependent on our medical “soldiers”, should we not start respecting and providing them equally as our border soldiers? 

Our defence budget for the year 2020-21 was a whopping Rs 3.37 lakh crore while our health budget was a meagre Rs 69,000 crore in comparison. In the 21st century, when nation wars are unlikely and health and environment wars a reality, is it time that we reverse these figures?

We are doing what you told us to and without a grudge too. We clapped for our medical heroes and we lit candles and diyas to ward off the darkness too, yet our doctors, medical staff, general hospital staff continue to live in danger. Only you can help them. 

Dear PM Modi, our front line warriors need you, please don’t fail them. 

A concerned and a very scared citizen