Salman Khan was named Goodwill Ambassador of the Indian contingent for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro a few days back. The appointment left many puzzled — Salman is not a sportsman nor has he ever pushed their cause in a big way.

But the Indian government later clarified that given the Bollywood superstar’s popular appeal, they hoped that the move would give a boost to the Olympic movement.

However, there were many sportsmen, like wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and athletics legend Milkha Singh, who felt that the honour should have been given to a former Olympian or at least to someone who associates with sport regularly.

And when there is criticism, there will be someone to launch a defence too:

Salim Khan, Salman’s father, made his name as a dialogue writer but his latest set of tweets showed that he has clearly lost his touch. Does he really think Milkha Singh needed Bollywood to rescue him from fading away into oblivion? Does he really think Bollywood helped resurrect him? Does he think India forgot the Flying Sikh?

It was rather condescending of Salim Khan to say what he did. If nothing else, then someone needs to wake up call.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, Salim Khan further mentioned how good an athlete Salman is:

Yes, of course. We are not too sure what an ‘A level swimmer, cyclist and weight lifter’ means in Salim Khan’s dictionary though. Does that mean he could have competed against Daley Thompson and maybe even come out on top? Does that mean Michael Phelps should be worried?

Strangely enough, Salman seemed to play along.

“I can only participate in the Olympics if walking were a sport,” said Salman at the function where he was named as the goodwill ambassador.

Well, Salman… WALKING IS A SPORT (that clearly is news to you). And you still can’t get in. Clearly tells us how much you know about the Olympics.

But baap toh baap hota hai. Salim Khan had to have the final word:

Bang on. Right? It’s like when you’re going to the stadium and people say ‘match jeetake aana’.

Sportsmen performing has absolutely nothing to do with the years of training they put in. They just see fans and start performing. And if that were indeed true, then India should be getting a lot more medals at the Olympics. And can Salim Khan really call himself a sports lover after insulting Milkha Singh?

Surely, by now, the government may be thinking that they have made a mistake by naming Salman Khan as goodwill ambassador. If it was buzz they were seeking, then they should have gone with Salim Khan instead.