While farmers’ protests in and around Delhi is the major focus these days, here are other pieces of news you might have missed during the week.

1. A 14-year-old girl from Madhya Pradesh was raped after being sold for Rs 4 lakh. The girl was finally rescued in Ujjain.

As per reports, the girl’s parents took her to Udaipur in Rajasthan and told her she was getting married. Her husband from an illegal marriage raped her. 

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2.  While hearing a rape case, the Delhi High Court observed that sex on the pretext of marriage does not constitute rape if the woman continues to have intimacy over a long period of time.

The court said:

In certain cases, a promise of marriage may induce a party to agree to establish sexual relations, even though the party does not desire to consent to the same. Such inducements in a given moment may elicit consent, even though the concerned party may want to say no.

3. Replying to a RTI request, the Centre said that around 1.20 lakh crore out of the 20 lakh crore pandemic package has been disbursed to states, till now.

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4. Doctors at a medical facility in Delhi have reported multiple cases of a deadly fungal infection in patients, which they claim was triggered by Covid-19.

The fungal infection, called mucormycosis, has caused many of the patients to lose their eyesight. It can lead to loss of eyesight, affects the nose and jaw bone and can also lead to 50% mortality when it affects the brain in about fifteen days.


5. A 67-year-old farmer from Mohali died after falling ill while protesting at the Singhu border, while 4 other farmers from Punjab lost their lives in two separate accidents on their way back home.

So far more than 20 protesting farmers have died either at Delhi’s borders or in road accidents since November 26, out of which majority are from Punjab.

6. National Family Health Survey revealed that India’s sex ratio has widened in 8 states.

This information comes from the first phase of the health survey, which has so far covered more than six lakh households in 22 states and union territories.

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7. The Uttar Pradesh government has announced that PG medical students in the state must serve at least 10 years in the government sector upon completion of their studies or pay a fine of Rs 1 crore.

According to reports, this decision by the Uttar Pradesh government was taken to deal with the shortage of specialist doctors in state-run hospitals and medical establishments. 


8. Over 3,000 farmers from Maharashtra are set to march to the national capital on December 21 in order to support the growing farmers’ protest.

Talking to CNN News18, leader of All India Kisan Sabha, said:

We will leave by vehicles, and not as padayatra. There will be massive receptions for us at several places in the state. We will go from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh, from there to Rajasthan, and from Rajasthan to the sealed border. This will be done to raise several issues, including the MSP, waiving off the electricity bills.
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9. The International Criminal Court has rejected calls of exiled Uighur Muslims to conduct an investigation into China’s involvement in alleged genocide and other crimes against the minority community.

The exiled Uighurs had on July 6 submitted a communication to The Hague-based court, alleging that Chinese officials were responsible for acts of genocide and crimes against humanity against the Uighurs. 


10. India was ranked 111th on Human Freedom Index 2020.

Indian slipped 17 spots and is ahead of China and Bangladesh.


11. A 19-year-old nursing student from Assam was allegedly raped and murdered in Bengaluru.

A case has been registered against the accused who was known to the victim.


12. An Indian Army colonel accused of raping his friend’s wife has been arrested.

The alleged incident occurred last week at the officer’s mess of the Central Ordnance Depot, where the colonel was posted. 

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13. Four men have been booked by the Rajasthan police for raping a minor girl who delivered a child, this Sunday.

The matter came to light when the girl and her family reached the Zanana Hospital in Ajmer, where the doctors, after safely delivering her baby, informed the police that the mother was a minor.

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14. The Karnataka government has banned New Year celebrations in clubs, pubs and restaurants. The ban will be in place for four days from December 30.

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15. A pregnant elephant was killed in Assam after getting in contact with the electric fences.

Data shared by the Assam Forest Department shows that the state saw 113 elephant deaths due to electrocution between 2009 and September 25, 2020.

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Important ones, right?