Apparently, a Covid-19 patient, who was admitted in a private hospital in Madhya Pradesh, was wrongly declared dead. 

According to Hindustan Times, in a viral video, a 30-year-old patient who was admitted to RD Gardi Hospital in Ujjain said he was falsely declared dead and he read about it in a newspaper on Saturday. 

He talks about it in the latter half of the video. 

In the first half of the video, he says he was admitted to the hospital two days ago and he is awaiting the results of the test but, he is alive and healthy. 

He also talks about the bad condition of the hospital that many people have tweeted about in the past. 

After this clip went viral, Madhya Pradesh’s health department agreed that they had made a mistake. They also stated, they have issued a show cause notice to the concerned doctor who committed the error.

In clarification, Dr Anusuiya Gawali Sinha, the Chief medical and health officer (CMHO) said due to some confusion over addresses, his name was wrongly recorded in place of a 60-year-old Covid-19 patient who died. She says:

The name of the patient was entered in the record as dead in place of a 60-year-old Covid-19 patient from Ujjain who died on Thursday. The doctor who happens to be the nodal officer has admitted his lapse, saying that it happened due to confusion over names and addresses.

She further said that they have informed the concerned department and warned them against making such mistakes in the future. 

I have issued a show cause notice to him and sought his explanation as to why action be not taken against him and his institution by the health department. Also, I have warned him that such an error should not be repeated in future.

So far, 2,096 positive cases have been reported in Madhya Pradesh.