News channels and newspapers constantly fight for women’s rights and have played major roles in exposing crimes against women. But what are we meant to assume when the same newspaper publishes crude and lewd articles degrading women? This time one woman has taken a stand. And it’s none other than Deepika Padukone.

She noticed a disturbing post about her in a leading daily.  But instead of keeping quiet and letting it go she decided to speak about it on her Twitter account.

Here’s what the actress tweeted:

Followed by these tweets:

Since then, Deepika has garnered support from many quarters. Her tweet has got 2,260 re-tweets so far.

Here’s what some of her colleagues from Bollywood tweeted to her:

UPDATE: As part of damage control, the leading daily tweeted back to the actress. But their not-so-thought-out response hasn’t gone down well with her loyal fans who tweeted their displeasure almost immediately. The daily’s bid to make matters fine has worsened the situation in fact.

Let’s hope this reaction from Deepika Padukone serves as a step towards more responsible journalism from leading Indian newspapers and channels. Hopefully things will change for the better.