Dehradun police horse ‘Shaktiman’, who was injured during BJP protests last month and lost a leg, died today.

Sadly, it came just days after the 14-year-old white horse was given a prosthetic leg and was said to be learning to walk again with it.

According to doctors, she may have died of shock because of the new prosthetic limb, says an NDTV report.

Shaktiman had her hind leg injured during a political rally in Dehradun by BJP on March 14. A BJP MLA from Mussoorie, Ganesh Joshi, was even arrested by Uttarakhand Police for allegedly attacking the horse.

The injury turned out to be multiple fractures. In fact, initially there seemed little chances that the horse would survive, but it did. However, the hind leg had to amputated in an emergency life-saving surgery on March 17.

Within five days of the surgery, it was announced that the horse would get a prosthetic limb, costing $3,000, for free from an animal lover in the US.