The Delhi Government announced a new liquor policy which has made some sweeping changes to the drinking sensibilities of the population.

 – While there was no mention of reducing the legal drinking age from 25 to 21, the new reforms will allow bars in hotels, restaurants and clubs to operate till 3am.

This is except for ‘those licensees which have been given license to operate round the clock service of liquor’.

– The excise policy also recommends serving of liquor in open spaces such as terraces and balconies of licenced hotels and restaurants.

– Microbreweries will be allowed to supply draught beer to bars and to provide takeaway services.

– Every liquor outlet in the city will provide a walk-in experience to buyers. These retail shops are to be air-conditioned and will have glass doors.

– The government will exit the retail liquor trade, leading to closure of state-run shops in order to promote private players in the business.

– The new policy strictly prohibits crowding outside a vend or in the pavement and buying through the counter.

– The number of retail liquor vends has been capped at 849 in the city, including 5 super premium retail vends. 

The super premium vends can only sell products above ₹200 MRP for beer and above ₹1000 retail price for all other spirits.

The new policy was welcomed with open arms by the people of the internet.

The new policy will provide some much-needed relief to the hospitality industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.