In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, social distancing and wearing masks are two of the most basic and important guidelines to follow. 


Consequently, a Delhi-based lawyer was fined ₹500 for not wearing a mask, while driving alone in his car. 

However, the advocate has now filed a petition with Delhi HC, seeking not only the refund for the fine but also a compensation worth ₹10 lakh. 


According to reports, lawyer Saurabh Sharma was driving alone in his car, without a mask, when he was stopped by the police and fined ₹500. He contested it saying that there was no need for him to wear a mask when driving alone, but the police made him pay the fine. 

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Consequently, Mr. Sharma filed a petition in the case asking for not only for a refund of the fine amount but also seeking ₹10 lakh in compensation from government authorities “for publicly causing mental harassment” to him. 

Of course, Twitterati, that has an opinion about everything under the sun, had something to say about this case too:  

The first hearing of the case has already taken place, and the second hearing is scheduled for November 18. 

Ah well, guess this is what the fine print is for!