Claiming insurance is one thing, stealing your own car to claim free insurance, another. But that’s what happened in Delhi!

 According to News 18, Vijay Ramlal Dhavan, a businessman, has been arrested for stealing his own Mercedes-Benz to befool his insurance company. 

Hindustan Times

The plan was executed by Dhavan with the help of his two business acquaintances, Zulfiqar Abdul Waqil Ahmed and Lal Bahadur Singh. They transported the car to Mumbai on Dhavan’s behest, who claimed one of his friends needed it. 

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When the car went missing next morning, Ahmed and Singh filed a police complaint allegedly on Dhavan’s insistence. 

Though the RAK Marg police station registered an initial complaint, they got suspicious after coming to know that the car has been brought from Delhi to Mumbai, just for a friend. 

The suspicion turned into belief when they found out that the car could be opened using a single pair of keys but Dhavan had recently ordered a second pair. 

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Further according to Hindustan Times, Dhavan was seen driving his own Mercedes-Benz out of Mumbai in a CCTV footage at a toll plaza. 

Fueled by this trace, a team led by assistant police inspector Rajesh Khande and police sub-inspector Pratap Lamture left for Delhi and successfully managed to arrest him. 

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