Northeastern parts of Delhi saw the worst riots and violence over last four days. The clashes that have claimed the lives of 34 people as of now have left around 200 injured.

In the aftermath of deadly violence, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal held a press briefing, today.

Addressing the media, he called for strict action against those involved in inciting violence. He said:

If any Aam Aadmi Party person is found guilty then that person should be given double the punishment. There should be no politics on the issue of national security.

He also made a few announcements for those affected by these riots, including compensation and free medical treatment. 


As per the announcement, Delhi government will provide free medical treatment to all crime and riot affected people, even in private hospitals under Farishtey Scheme.

He informed the media that the government has already started sending food supplies in riot-hit areas.

Families of those killed in riots will be given a compensation of ₹10 lakh. People whose homes and shops got burned and those seriously injured will get ₹5 lakh.