There’s been a media frenzy over the consumption of cannabis in the country over the last few weeks. As bizarre as it is, the news and consequently many parts of the public have been calling for some kind of cleanup in regards to weed, defying logic, science, and common sense. That’s why this piece of news is so ironic.

According to Indian Express, 4 Delhi policemen seized 160 kilos of ganja from a local peddler. They proceeded to report only 1 kg, and sold off the rest themselves.


The 4 cops, which included 2 sub-inspectors, have been suspended, as they also let the peddler go free after paying a bribe.

They had seized the cannabis from a room in Jahangirpuri B-block on September 11 from a man identified as Anil. The cops apparently took Rs 1.5 lakh from the dealer as hush money.

Money Control

The irony of it all wasn’t lost on the public, who had a few things to say.

An inquiry into the incident is being conducted.