A crisis can bring out the best and worst in people. Unfortunately, for the people of Delhi, it has been the absolute worst lately. 

Zee News

On Wednesday, in another show of inhuman behaviour, men, passers-by, auto drivers and literally anyone who could, stole mangoes from a crate left unattended by a street vendor, NDTV reported. 


Speaking to reporters about his robbed crate, the vendor, Chhote said: 

They had a fight over there, near the school. A group of men came here and asked me to move my theli (pushcart). 

 After seeing his cart left unattended, some people passing by started picking up the mangoes one by one. More people joined in on the act, behaving like part of a co-ordinated hive and stole everything they could carry. So much so that the incident caused a traffic jam in the area. 

I had 15 crates of mangoes here worth about ₹30,000. They took everything. 


Chhote’s business had anyway been slow due to the lockdown. Now, this act of thievery has completely broken his back. A complaint has been lodged to the police but no action has been taken yet.