It’s almost been 50 days since demonetisation and the country is still grappling with a currency shortage. The poor have been hit the worst with most of them not having enough cash even to treat themselves.

However, in these tough times, a doctor couple in Delhi has emerged as a beacon of hope to thousands of people across the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dr. Saira and Sardar Khan.

According to a news report by NDTV, the couple who has a clinic in Delhi’s Sadar Bazaar area, is accepting old notes from patients and even offering free treatment and medicines to those who cannot afford it.

“Some people call us to ask if we’re accepting old notes. We tell them not to worry and come even if they have old notes or none at all” Dr. Saira Khan was quoted as saying in an interview with NDTV.

“Doesn’t matter whether someone has old notes or no cash at all. We’ve never turned away a patient. Ever” said Dr. Sardar Khan.

You’re doing a great job, doctors. Take a bow!