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“Let your work speak for itself: If poor, it will remain silent. If average, it will whisper. If good, it will talk.” 

Didn’t you hear the noise already?

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Over the last few months Delhi has witnessed a lot of hatred, bloodshed and divisive politics. There came a time when every Delhiite was scared of their safety and security.

But today Delhi has shown that there’s no place for hate mongering in democracy.

It has shown that it values education and healthcare over communalism.

It has shown maturity.

And it has indeed shown other states the way.


With AAP registering a record win in the Delhi Assembly Elections 2020, one thing is clear, that Delhi cares about education, healthcare and other basic utilities and voted against all the communal politics and hatred playing in the background.

Year after year, Delhi government’s budget allocation to education was one of the highest to any sector. And the results are visible in the drastic improvement seen in the infrastructure of government schools which are now at par with private ones.

Healthcare became accessible to the lower strata of society with AAP’s Mohalla clinics and at least 50% of the Delhi population received subsidised electricity in the current financial year.

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The work and performance speak, and Delhi, has voted on these parameters.

Delhi has chosen everything development over anything else in the world. The ruling government delivered on its major promises, and this has won it the trust and confidence of the people.


No matter how strong the narratives of hatred or communal politics are, Delhi has sided with what matters for it. 

All through these months, it was portrayed that religion, caste and class were important to the electoral politics of Delhi, but the results of Delhi elections prove that it’s just good governance that matters.

It’s the basic utilities like electricity and water that Delhiites care about and not useless propaganda.

It’s the aspirations of people that matter and not fascist policies.


Will of the people is supreme in a democracy and Delhi has shown this to the rest of India. Thank you Delhi for making us believe in a democracy of the people, for the people, by the people.