The Delhi heat soared beyond all predictions today, recording an all-time high of 48° Celsius in certain parts of the national capital.


According to The Times of India, the previous record of 47.8° celsius was documented in Palam on June 9, 2014.

India Meteorological Department regional weather forecasting chief Kuldeep Srivastava said,

The Palam Observatory recorded an all-time high of 48° celsius on Monday. The factors that led to this are dry westerly winds, no effect of a western disturbance in the plains and intense heating in the month of June. Southwesterly winds on Tuesday may cause the temperature to drop by one or two notches. However, the heatwave will persist.

Meanwhile, the Safdarjung Observatory recorded a high of 45.6 and a low of 27.2 degrees Celsius.

We’re in the midst of a heatwave, so try and stay indoors folks, and stay hydrated.