Despite massive spikes in the number of coronavirus cases happening daily, Delhi has all but opened up. Restaurants, places of worship, and other centres of mass gathering are now free to visit, and the results of such a decision are awaited.

According to NDTV, hospitals run by the Delhi government and some private hospitals will be reserved for residents of the national capital in view of the borders opening up and an inflow of people being expected.

CM Arvind Kejriwal made the announcement amidst a serious concern over the lack of availability of beds for the rising patients.


Cases in the capital have been rising at an alarming rate, with almost 10,000 cases being registered in a single day recently.

Talking about the issue, Kejriwal said, 

For now, we have decided that the 10,000 beds under the Delhi government will be kept for residents. The beds under the Central government can be used by all. Private hospitals covering special treatment will be opened to all.
Economic Times

It is estimated that by the end of June, Delhi will need 15,000 beds. Further updates to the story are awaited.