A group of around 10 people allegedly thrashed a 22-year-old man on suspicion that he was a cattle thief in south Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan area, the police said.

Iftikaar Alam was passing through the area in a pick-up truck on July 7 when a concrete mixer truck blocked its way.

When Alam got down to see if anyone was there in the truck, some 8 to 10 men surrounded him, the police said.

Sensing danger, the driver of the truck fled the spot, but the men caught hold of Alam and beat him up.

They even made some remarks about his religion, the police said.

Locals residents told the police that Alam was a buffalo thief and that they had seen him near their animals.

b’Locals residents told the police that Alam was a buffalo thief |Source: PTI’

Alam told the police that he he had seen some buffaloes tied nearby.

The matter was settled amicably after Alam’s employers arrived there and told the men he was their employee.

However, a case was registered in the matter after Alam’s brother approached the police around after 36 hours.

Alam alleged that the police had earlier refused to register a case.

The police said he had earlier denied medical examination.

(Feature Image Source: PTI )