Delhi’s Odd-Even days are back, and while the residents are busy adjusting schedules and figuring out alternate modes of transport, the city’s transport minister Gopal Rai has come up with a rather bizarre suggestion to work their way around it.

Facing questions as to how would the parents pick up their children from schools because men driving cars alone can’t flout the odd-even rule, the minister has appealed to people to use bikes or any two-wheeler as a “solution”, The Times of India reported.

This problem is unique to odd-even 2.0 because schools were shut during the experiment in January. Earlier, the AAP government ruling Delhi mentioned that cars with children in school uniforms would be exempt from the odd-even rule. However, when asked about cars on the way to pick up schoolchildren, Kejriwal had no ready answer.

And now this.

b’Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai | Source: PTI’

Gopal Rai tod TOI, “I urge parents to either carpool or utilise their bikes to drop and pick up children from school.”

Two-wheelers are exempt from odd-even rules along with CNG vehicles, women drivers and VIPs.

The statement did not go down with people who called out Rai and the Delhi government for the suggestion:

Some said two-wheelers are not safe for kids

Some wondered if the Delhi minister thought everyone had bikes

Two-wheelers in this heat?

Why not iron out the basics before implementing the rule?