It’s that time of the year when taking a shower feels like being cooked in boiling water. The weather department of the country recorded yesterday (Friday) as the hottest day of the season with the temperature rising up to 47 degree Celsius in some areas. 

According to reports, the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that heat waves will continue to hit central and northwest central India with the temperature expected to rise up to 50 degree Celsius in certain regions. 

India Today

The heat waves in the National Capital have risen above tolerable levels and the weather department has issued a ‘red colour’ warning for the region.

Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, and Western Uttar Pradesh are expected to experience extremely hot weather conditions in the coming days.

Climate Central

While this is happening the NCR-region, Ganganagar in Western Rajasthan survived a day of record-breaking temperature as high as 49.6 degree Celsius. 

Reportedly, along with Delhi, other regions of the northwest region have also been issued a ‘red colour’ warning by the Indian Meteorological Department.


India experienced the worst heat wave back in 2015 due to which at least 2500 people had lost their lives due to it. Let’s just pray history doesn’t repeat itself.