We all have, at some point of time or the other, bashed the Delhi Police. We all have expressed our dissatisfaction with the law enforcers.

However, Delhi Police recently lived up to its motto of ‘Peace, Service, Justice’ when it helped a drunk girl reach home safely on New Years’s eve.

While the world was busy ushering in the new year amidst celebrations and revelry, Delhi Police noticed a drunk girl who was clearly not in a state to go home.

That was when they sprung into action and made sure that the girl reached her home safely.

As told by them in a post on Humans of Delhi Police page.

Apart from the fact that they ensured the girl’s safety, the most refreshing part about the entire incident was that nowhere did they judge the girl.

Nowhere did the Delhi Police try to take a moral high ground and that’s a lesson perhaps we all should learn.

Way to go, Delhi Police.