Delhi police might not be functioning to the best of its abilities, if crime records for 2015 and 2016 are to be believed. According a report in Hindustan Times, Delhi police has solved only 8.59 per cent of the total car theft cases and 29.14% snatching cases in the last two years. 

The success rate of these cases including burglary and house break-ins is very low. According to the data, out of the 67,251 reported cases of vehicle theft, only 5,782 have been solved. Almost 90 percent of the cases have not even been opened for investigation yet. Only 15 percent of the 27,000 reported burglary cases were solved.

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In its defence, a senior officer in Delhi Police said that the car theft problem was one involving other states that share borders with the landlocked Delhi. According to him, states need to work together to prevent criminals leaving with stolen things through porous borders. 

“Barring a few, most border points are unmanned. Also, we have noticed that old vehicles are sold as junk in markets of west Delhi. The vehicles are dismantled in just a few hours and parts are sold separately,”  the officer told HT. 

The officer also rued the lack of stringent laws and the easy availability of bails. 

However, the crime records reflected a much better number in case of rape. Over 85 per cent of rapes were solved, though there was only a 66 per cent success rate solving other crimes against women.  

Feature Image Source: PTI