The Delhi police led by BS Bassi might have been at a loggerheads with the AAP government in 2015, but it made headlines for all the right reasons as the year was nearing an end after the Limca Book of Records acknowledged them for a Rs 22.49 crore cash recovery, which is the biggest ever.

The robbery which led to the recovery was a record itself, as the driver of a cash van fled with 22.49 cr in a matter of minutes. A guard was accompanying the driver Pradeep Shukla as they were transporting the money for a bank, and when the guard had to relieve himself, Shukla took off with the van, as reported by Jagran.

The Delhi police registered the case and located the vehicle without the cash, but tracked down Shukla in 48 hours at a warehouse in Okhla, and also seized nine boxes of cash from the premises, just before he could leave the city, reported.

The Limca book contacted Delhi police regarding the incident from November, as the Commisioner BS Bassi congratulated his officers saying, “Delhi Police enters Limca Book of Records for India’s recovering 22.49 Crores of stolen money”.