A couple of days ago, a woman Twitter user narrated a very disturbing account in a series of tweets, of the possibility of a girl being abducted by some men in a car from Delhi’s upmarket Hauz Khas Village. As per her tweets, the man backed off only when she, along with her friends, intervened.

While the story left social media users shocked and wondering about the safety of the women in Delhi, and especially at this youth spot commonly called HKV, the Delhi police it seems has come out with the worst solution possible: what else but to ban ladies night in the area!

As per a report in Navbharat Times, Delhi Delhi’s DCP Ishwar Singh has “confirmed” that the police are going to ask the bar owners to stop hosting ladies night that commonly take place on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Notably, ladies night are a special attraction for women, especially the college crowd, as they get great offers on drinks on these evenings.

Soon after the news spread on social media, angry social media users began to (rightly) bash the police’s decision.

Seriously, Delhi police? That’s all you could think for giving women better safety?