In the latest incident of brutality by the Delhi Police, a group of anti-CAA protesters outside the Jamia University campus were allegedly assaulted and brutally attacked by the police officers in an attempt to stop them from marching towards the parliament.

While a student of the university has claimed that the brutality has caused women to suffer injuries on their private parts, it has also been alleged that Delhi Police sprayed some unknown chemicals in the air to disperse the students.


AIMIM leader Waris Pathan took to Twitter and shared a few images of the attack.

He alleged that the students were complaining of vomiting, stomach pain and uneasiness after the police sprayed an unknown chemical.

Netizens also expressed their anger towards this dastardly revelation.

A report by The Telegraph also stated that a doctor has confirmed the use of toxic spray against the protesters. According to the doctor, while some protesters complained of nausea and vomiting, others experienced difficulties in breathing.