The cold and foggy morning in Delhi today was accompanied with scarily low Air Quality Index and visibility.

From students to office goers, everybody travelling in the city witnessed the soaring pollution levels and some of them took to social media to share pictures of various parts of the city covered in smog.

Here are a few photos that show exactly how bad the situation really is:

India Gate was almost invisible to the eyes this morning with visibility dropping to 200 metres at 8:30 AM.

Twitter/Abhishek Dubey

 In Gurgaon, the Air Quality Index hit 357, which is lowest for the city and classified as ‘very poor’. 

Murukesh Krishnan
Twitter/Murukesh Krishnan

The condition at other places in NCR was equally bad with air quality index being severely low in 12 out 19 monitored stations.

Twitter/Pranava Bhardwaj

People experiencing health issues posted pictures on Twitter and asked others to ‘stay indoors, stay safe’.

Twiiter/Siona Gogoi

People working in Gurugram’s Cyber City complained about choking and watering eyes. 

Twitter/Sanjana Prakash
Twitter/Sushant Jha

People blamed politicians and the bursting of crackers during Diwali for high pollution levels.

Twitter/Samir Abbas
Twitter/Samir Abbas

Areas in Western Delhi like Dwarka were no exception and left the residents highly disappointed with the situation. 

Twitter/Vikram Jeet Singh

Despite the fact that the city is struggling with the effects of pollution, MET officials told The Hindustan Times that what Delhi is witnessing is fog and not smog. 

Twitter/Gaurav Mishra
Twitter/Ashutosh Tiwari

The worst part? The level of pollution is only expected to increase in coming days.