Delhi is a city of ironies. It’s dotted with locales where the urban meets the rural. Shahpur Jat is one such amalgamation. Once the boutiques and galleries entered the fray we stopped calling it gaon and started calling it ‘urban village’ instead. But if you see past the masquerade, it’s still the same place.

Earlier this year, a few international and local artists organized themselves and started the ‘St.ART Delhi 2014’ project. They chose specific places in Delhi, particularly in and around Shahpur Jat, and started painting. They faced queries from many curious locals, most of them not familiar with the concept of public art.

In the end, here’s what they achieved;

1. By Sé Cordeiro

2. By Artez

3.  By Harsh Raman

4. By Okuda

5. By Andy Yen

6. By Tofu

7. By Tona

8. By Foe

9. By Foe

10. By Mattia Lullini

11. By Alina Vergnano

12. By Alina Vergnano

13. By Bond

14. By Alias

15. By Alias

16. By Tones

17. By Tones

18. By Tones

19. By Ranjit Dhaiya

20. By Hendrik ECB Beikirch and ANPU

All photos by Akshat Nauriyal except number 1 and 6 (by Jayant Parashar ), number 2 (by Artez) and number 8 (by Enrico Fabian ).

This project was organized by St+Art India Foundation which is a Delhi-based non-profit working on Public Art projects in urban spaces. This project was reported by Brooklyn Street Art .

H/T to Huffington Post .