The next painful thing after the death of a pet or any beloved animal is finding a dignified way to bury/cremate them in India.

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But this is all about to change because reportedly, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation is all set to come up with the first public crematorium for cats and dogs.

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They will finally have a place where they can have a proper cremation followed by rituals performed by priests. Their ashes will also be stored for 15 days after that.

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The crematorium will be situated in Dwarka and will span over 700 square meters.


While in conversation with PTI, officials shared that: 

We want such animals to also have dignified last rites, as we do for humans. So, we have asked for provisions to be made to have a priest at the crematorium who will perform the rituals in a traditional way for a dead pet.
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The prices have already been budgeted and may vary depending upon the weight of the animal.  


Although, this will not apply to stray dogs as it will be free of charge. People from outside the municipality jurisdiction can also make use of the facility with the same tariff.

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An amount of Rs 500 will be charged in case the last rites of stray animal belonging to the North or the East Corporation have to be performed.


This crematorium will help many grieving pet owners and animal lovers while providing animals with a dignified cremation/burial.