The Delhi Police, the Indian Embassy in London and the Ministry of External Affairs in the country swung into action to look for a 43-year-old woman and to prevent her from dying by suicide after she sent an SOS mail to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

The mail was sent by the woman on Wednesday night and the mail read: 

If help is not met in next two hours, would commit suicide. 

-Quote as given by woman

*(However, kindly note, that suicide is caused due to a mental disorder and the correct phrase is ‘die by suicide’ and not ‘commit suicide’.) 

According to the police, the woman was apparently suffering from psychotic disorders due to a failed marriage. The Indian Embassy in London was immediately informed about the mail. Soon after, they contacted the Ministry of External Affairs officials in our country to look into the matter.

The Delhi Police launched an intense search exercise after the matter was reported at Rohini’s Aman Vihar police station as the woman’s entire address wasn’t mentioned in the e-mail. She was not answering her phone calls also. 

A senior police official said, the woman seemed to be in an extremely distressful state of mind. He further added that the woman was under mental stress due to loans and she lived in a rented apartment in Delhi.

After 2 hours of searching the woman was finally located. Senior Police PK Mishra said: 

Starting around 1 AM, the police checked each house in the locality and managed to locate her house after two hours of search. 

When the police officials confronted her, she looked anxious and extremely disturbed. There were 16 to 18 cats also roaming around and her entire house was stinking, suggesting that it hadn’t been cleaned for years.

The woman was also smelling foul. Two psychologists and a doctor were called in immediately to address her problems or to give her counselling. 

As of now, she is staying at her house and is being counselled. 

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