Occupational hazard of being a jaguar does not include being fat. 12-year-old Salman recently found that out the hard way after the news of shuttling him back to his homeland came. Why? Because this jaguar is too fat to have sex!

The Indian Express

Taking fat-shaming to an all new low, Delhi Zoo has probably hurt the feelings of the l azy, obese and now lonely, Salman by returning him to the hinterland of Kerala. Salman, who was borrowed on a “breeding loan” from the Thiruvananthapuram Zoological Garden last October, has since shown “complete disinterest” in pairing up with the lone female jaguar in the National Zoological Park here, say Delhi zoo officials. They say Salman has “reached out for its meals more keenly than for Kalpana”, the female jaguar, reported The Indian Express .

The chub Salman has shown absolutely no interest in mating to the disappointment of the Delhi zoo officials who were hoping for some ‘chequer mating’ taking place between the jags. But the big cat just refuses to cosy up to the female. He prefers gluttony over adultery as a sin.