45-year-old Rohit Dutta who returned from Europe and was the first person in Delhi to be diagnosed with coronavirus has now recovered. 

Dutta, who was in quarantine at Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital for two weeks talked about the virus and described that it was like any normal flu. 

There is no need to be scared. If a healthy person reaches the doctor, our health system is well-equipped, one of the best in the world. Isolation ward is not like a two-by-two cell without sunlight. 

According to NDTV, the now released patient narrated his experience at the hospital and what all he went through when he came to know about the infection on March 1st. 

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He also mentioned to Hindustan Times how the doctors assured him that the infection was curable and made sure he didn’t fear the virus. He was provided with a private room and bathroom and the hospital staff were very efficient and hygienic.        

It was unbelievable. The isolation ward at Safdarjung hospital was not what I imagined a government hospital ward to be. It was no less than a luxury hotel. The staff also maintained a high level of hygiene – cleaning all surfaces and changing linens twice a day. 
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He recalled that even the Union Health Minister contacted him personally and assured him that he and the PM are monitoring the condition of all affected by the virus.   

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According to Dutta, the entire 14 day isolation period went quite smoothly and to not feel disconnected he used a phone to video call his family, watched Netflix and even did Pranayam twice a day.