“Biking was always in my genes.. I knew I wanted to ride.. But when? That was a big question mark,” Roshni Misbah admits candidly. 

The 22-year-old student of Arabic and Culture Studies at the Jamia Milia Islamia University says that she first rode a  bike when she was in class 9, and even then was wearing her hijab. On campus she’s known as the ‘Hijabi biker’, because she wears her hijab while biking. 

Misbah, who chooses to wear a hijab even while biking, feels that her passion for bikes does not interfere with her faith. 

b’Roshni Misbah riding her bike |Image credit: Ahmed Kamal Saifi’

“Hijab can never be a hurdle to anything. It is a part of my life, part of my culture and it is my choice to wear my hijab,” she told ScoopWhoop News. 

The young biker admits that she does get more attention from her peers for her dressing habits. 

“This was something very new to Jamia for both students and teachers as well… But now everyone is supporting me,” she says. She has now even got a special parking space for her motorcycle. 

Roshni says her passion for bikes is shared by her father and sister. She credits her father with inspiring her to take up her passion and encouraged her to follow her dreams. 

 “Whenever I hit the roads.. I see women, children, girls.. They become very joyous when they see me and start screaming.. And I actually feel like I’m inspiring,” she says.

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