Ever since the lockdown was announced, the underprivileged people, including migrant workers living in big cities, have been the most severely hit. While some of them are fighting to get back to their homes, others are struggling to survive in cities without jobs and homes.

Amidst this, a few migrant workers were seen searching for good bananas among rotten ones discarded on the banks of river Yamuna in Delhi.


As per a report by NDTV, the bananas were thrown near Nigambodh Ghat, one of the main cremations grounds in Delhi. 

In a video by NDTV, you can hear the migrant workers say, “pet to bharna padega”.

Call it desperation or whatever, with no place to go and no food to eat, they are forced to do this.

Several workers can be found living in open in this area around the Yamuna River after one of the shelters built by the government burnt last week.

After their plight was highlighted by media, Delhi government has directed to shift the people living in open at the Yamuna Ghat to government shelter homes and schools.

We hope these migrant workers at least get proper food and shelter at a time when they have lost everything.