Despite being India’s capital, Delhi’s nightlife has often been described as a bit lackluster. It seems Delhiites prefer to snooze the night away rather than let their hair down once the clock strikes midnight. But a new proposal by the Delhi government might soon change all that, and let party animals dance the night away. 

The government is mulling over adopting an excise policy which will open the gates for 24-hour restaurants and bars and let them function around the clock.

b’Source: Reuters’

The policy will come into effect after the Cabinet approves it. The policy proposes slashing the annual 24-hour excise licence fees by 45 to 60 per cent for restaurants and bars inside hotels or motels, reported The Indian Express.

Along with slashing the fee, the policy also proposes doing away with prerequisites for a 24-hour excise licence, to serve alcohol in restaurants, such as a tourism licence, police registration and fire clearance, said sources.

b’Source: Reuters’

If the policy gets approved, it would surely give a boost to the restaurant and hotel business in Delhi as well as promote tourism in the capital.