The internet is a beautiful thing. If used for the right causes, it can bring people together and help those in need and change their lives for better.

Like this food delivery executive from Hyderabad, who received a bike after a customer started online fundraising for him on a social media platform.

A few days ago, Robin Mukesh from Hyderabad placed an order for tea on a food delivery app. The executive delivered his order within 20 minutes.

When he went to pick the order, he saw the delivery boy Mohammed Aqeel, drenched in the rain, waiting for him. He had come all the way on a bicycle to deliver the order.

Robin asked him how he delivered the order so quick, to which Aqeel replied that he had been delivering food orders on the bicycle for over a year. He posted a picture of the delivery boy on Facebook and asked people to tip him generously.

During a conversation with Aqeel, Robin found out that he is pursuing his undergraduate in engineering. When he asked Aqeel what he needs, he said it would be great if he had a motor bike.

Robin immediately started a fundraiser and it received an overwhelming response. He was able to raise ₹73,000 in 12 hours. He bought a TVS XL for Aqeel along with masks, sanitizers, and a helmet for his bike and handed over the stuff to him.

Speaking to ANI, Robin said:

After buying all this, ₹5,000 were left which were then used to pay Aqeel’s college fees.

His story is now viral and netizens are appreciating those who came forward to help Robin raise money.

It’s heartwarming to see that there’s so much goodness in people.