Denied a mortuary van at a government hospital and unable to afford a private ambulance, a man in Bihar’s Purnia district carried his wife’s dead body on a motorcycle to reach his home for her last rites, reports ANI

60-year-old Shankar Sah, a resident of Ranibari village of Purnia district, went through the ordeal after his 50-year-old wife Susheela Devi died of illness at the Purnia Sadar Hospital on Friday.

Despite all the efforts, Sah did not get any help from the hospital authorities. So he placed his wife’s body on a motorcycle and held it as pillion rider to transport it to their village home.

Susheela was suffering from a heart disease as well as Tuberculosis.

“After the death of my wife I was told to take away the body and when I requested the medical staff on duty for a vehicle to carry it back to my village, they told me to arrange for it on my own,” Sah told ANI. 

He added that he couldn’t get any vehicle for transport due to lack of money.  Police has ordered a probe into the matter.