Indians express their love for their favourite actors and movies by doing weird things in theatres – dancing, clapping, even bursting firecrackers. And it seems this happens across the globe wherever Indians are.

Recently, a video from 2016 surfaced on the internet showing the theatre audience in Colorado, USA breaking into dance to the song, ‘Jhingat’.

A Reddit user shared this post.

The video was first shared on YouTube in 2016 but ever since it made a comeback on social media, it viral once again.

Netizens are talking about a lady’s expression in the video.

The most wholesome thing was smile from theatre staff lady. She was confused but enjoying the show.The lady at 0:42 is so concerned, it is hilarious.I watched a Rajnikanth film in Europe. The staff rushed in hearing all the commotion.

Then there’s one dude doing a kite flying step.

The dude with the kite flying step is gold😀

People are also sharing this video on Twitter and talking about similar experiences.

And how one cannot resist dancing when ‘Jhingat’ is being played.

The effect good movies and songs have on Indians.