Let’s accept it, what we share with our siblings is what correctly defines tough love. No matter how much you two fight and curse each other to hell, you will always get back. Cartoon Network’s first ever Cartoon Cartoons series, Dexter’s Laboratory was first aired in 1998 and, just to make you nostalgic, here are some relatable ‘sibling moments’ that shows how these two could not be together in the same room but could not be pulled apart either, just like our stories at home.

Dee Dee had a penchant for nosiness, trying to dig into everything her brother was secretly doing in the lab.

Let’s face it, your sibling can be a pain in the rear when you are trying to mind your own business. Especially if you’re being secretive about it. Dee Dee was always wreaking havoc in Dexter’s life with her curiosity over his experiments. She always wanted to know what he’s up to in his secret lab, and all hell would break lose once she got curious. 

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But no matter how much Dee Dee annoys him, Dexter always saves her in the end.

When a bunch of dangerous gnomes in Dexter’s lab are attracted to Dee Dee’s bare feet he warns Dee Dee not to be influenced by them. But she enjoys their lavish attention and agrees to become their queen. Now, even though Dexter would give anything to keep Dee Dee out of his life, he comes running to save her.  

In spite of all their ‘issues’, it was always them against the world.

They always came together when either one of them is in trouble. No matter how much they fought among themselves, they won’t let an outsider lay hands on either of them. In the same way, no matter how much we fight with our siblings, we’d slay anybody else who tries to bully them.


Dee Dee’s friends were a nuisance to Dexter, and that strikes a chord with us too.

Another woe of being the younger sibling. Their friends come over, touch your things, and you walk into a room where nothing is where you left it. Absolutely annoying, right? Dee Dee’s friends wreaked the same kind of havoc in Dexter’s lab, giving us moments that said, “I totally feel yah, bruh.”


No matter how much havoc she created, Dee Dee would always be allowed back into Dexter’s lab.

She would blow up his lab, destroy his work and create utter confusion, but he never barred her from coming in. And just like them, we too are tuned to forgive our siblings for almost anything. There’s no denying that no matter what they do, there’s no living without them. 

Dee Dee always kept Dexter’s lab a secret. Just like them, our siblings know our darkest secrets, and they’ll always protect them.

We all have some deep dark secret and the only person who’d know about it is probably your sibling. They are your secret keepers and there are some things, that you simply know they won’t let out. Dee Dee knew how secretive Dexter was about his lab. Even though she is a blabber mouth by nature, she never tells anybody about it. Your sibling is always your biggest secret keeper.

For these reasons, and a lot more, Dexter and Dee Dee will always stay in our hearts. Not to forget they gave us some major goals when it came to loyalty and love and there is so much we took back from the series. Here’s to an amazing series! Cheers!