Trigger warning: Some parts of this article are disturbing. Readers discretion advised.

Recently, the news of rape of a 13-year-old girl from Odisha surfaced, following which a police officer was arrested for judicial inquiry.

As per a report from The Wire, the IIC (inspector-in-charge), Ananda Chandra Majhi, is one of the accused in the rape case of the 13-year-old minor girl who was rescued by the local police from the Biramitrapur bus station on June 14.

Another report from Times Now suggests that she was found crying outside the police station and was rescued by an NGO functioning in the area.

It further said that she had gone to watch a local fair in March and was waiting for an auto-rickshaw, when a police vehicle came and picked her up.

Following which Majhi raped her, not on one but many occasions, by calling her to the police station.

The girl has accused her step-father, two boyfriends and two policemen (one of them being Majhi), in the case.

After being rescued from the bus stop, the survivor was taken to district child welfare community. From where, she was handed over to a government-run shelter home.

An FIR filed by Shreebant Jena, a child protection officer, noted that the minor was 3 months pregnant when she was initially rescued and that her biological parents had abandoned her. 

She was living with her grandmother in a village and has told that the IIC had a physical relationship with her for 3 months.

Ynet News

Her pregnancy was terminated on June 15 and sources have said that it was under pressure from Ananda Majhi.

The DGP of Odisha had earlier posted a tweet announcing the suspension of the IIC. He had also apologised to the survivor.

It was after the DGP’s order that the issue went to Crime Branch, resulting in suspension of IIC Majhi. The search for the second police official is on.