Captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni is known for taking Indian cricket to new heights, with the team even winning a world cup during his captaincy. But off the field Dhoni is just like any other person with his love for bikes which he never hides.

But Dhoni isn’t the only sport star who is obsessed with bikes. Former England pacer Darren Gough has also emerged as a bike enthusiast.

The ace pacer and the explosive batsman met on the Twitter pitch and the exchange between the two was invigorating to say the least.

While Dhoni thought the Shogun was one of the best, Gough shared a picture of his ride — the Ducati.

As Dhoni agreed while sharing a glimpse of his Harley, Gough went on to challenge captain cool for a race.

The Twitter banter also caught attention of Twitterati and responses from fans started flowing in.

While the two have proved their mettle on the cricket field, it will be interesting to see a face off between them as riders.