Remember this ad? 

Well, while he fully endorsed the brand in the advertisement when it was made in 2010 till yesterday, India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has quietly decided to exit as the brand ambassador of real estate company Amrapali Group. 

The decision by the cricketer comes after a sustained campaign on Twitter against the group in which Dhoni was asked to ensure the group delivered on its promises. 

While one executive of the realty group claimed that they had asked the cricketer to exit his contract, the managing director of the firm said that it was a decision taken by both sides.

Amrapali’s Managing Director Anil Sharma told TOI:

“This decision was taken mutually by him and us as his name is getting sullied in a controversy which is not in his control and despite the company’s sincerest assurances to buyers to sort out matters to their satisfaction.”

And it’s not just Dhoni, his wife might also be exiting a company called Amrapali Mahi Developers, that was formed with the group, reports CNN-IBN.

Apart from Twitter, Dhoni’s had to face an uncomfortable moment recently thanks to the controversy. In a recent press conference he was asked about the controversy and Dhoni had said he would speak to the Amrapali Group about it. He also said the group should deliver on its promises: 

With his endorsement campaign for the group reportedly coming to an end this year, the Indian captain seems to have wisely decided to stay clear of the real estate company. And will, instead, continue raking in money from the various other brands that he continues to endorse. 

However, it’s not very clear what the Indian captain’s exit means for the residents seeking that the real estate company deliver on its promises.