We have had selfies from high-rises, selfies with dangerous animals and now there’s one with a man claiming to be a suicide bomber! 

A passenger on board the EgyptAir flight that was hijacked and diverted to Cyprus is believed to have clicked a selfie with the hijacker.

This is the image that has been going viral on social media, after being tweeted by The Daily Mail.

The domestic flight, from Alexandria to Cairo, was hijacked and forced to land in Cyprus.

This is when the passenger, yet unidentified, allegedly clicked a grinning selfie with the hijacker – Seif Eldin Mustafa.

Mustafa released all the passengers on board the flight and kept just 5 passengers and seven crew members hostage while he continued to negotiate with authorities. However, he finally surrendered. 

Expectedly, the selfie was slammed and mocked on social media: