When MS Dhoni was run out yesterday, everyone knew that it was the final nail in the coffin. Dhoni, who had won many a game from a similar position for over 10 years, was run out by a brilliant throw by Martin Guptill.

Source: Sify

However, after the heart-breaking loss to New Zealand, a video of 6 fielders outside the 30-yard circle has been doing rounds on social media.

The reason being, at the stage of the game, only 5 fielders were allowed outside the circle. Which meant that MS Dhoni was dismissed on a no-ball.

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Now a no-ball wouldn't cancel out a run out. But people online have been arguing that had Guptill been inside the circle, Dhoni would have never even gone for the double.

Source: The Week

Hell, if it was a no-ball Dhoni would have never taken a run, to begin with.

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Mind you, the authenticity of the image of 6 fielders outside the circle is still to be verified.

Whatever the case was, nobody can deny that we got to witness one hell of a game!