Soon after President Ram Nath Kovind took charge as the 14th President of India, reports of his Twitter following getting a boost began to do the rounds.

One media even went so far as to claim that the President had acquired over 3 million followers within minutes.

However, if one decides to decode the reason why his Twitter followers saw such an upsurge, there’s a very simple explanation.

Following the swearing-in ceremony, Ram Nath Kovind as the new President starts using the official Twitter account of the President of India, @RashtrapatiBhvn, which already has a certain number of followers garnered over the years during the time of previous Presidents.

In this case, the official account already had more than 3 million followers before Kovind began using it. Therefore, media houses reporting that Kovind’s Twitter debut was responsible for the followers then they are grossly mistaken.

What happens to official Twitter accounts?

Any official account of Presidents, Vice-Presidents or of Ministries are treated as digital assets, Alt News reported. Twitter’s policy ensures that the data of the official accounts are preserved and a digital transition occurs when the occupant of the post changes.

This was also done when Donald Trump took over as the President of The United States.

Feature image source: PIB