For the past few days, messages have been circulating about how banks are going to be shut for eight days towards the end of March, and that you should withdraw as much money as you need to. If you don’t you could find yourself stuck, it warns.

Well, as with many such forwards, this one is also a fake. The Reserve Bank of India’s holiday list for the month clearly outlines that banks will officially be closed for four days only, from March 24-27. 

  • March 24: Holi (in some places banks will be closed on March 23)
  • March 25: Good Friday
  • March 26: Fourth Saturday
  • March 27: Sunday
b’Source: SBI’

Banks will be up and running from March 28 to March 30, though they will be shut for two days after that. 

  • March 31: Annual closing of accounts
  • April 1: Annual closing of accounts

ATMs might get low on cash during the long weekend break, but at most you’ll have to wait till Monday. However, if you’re planning a long trip and need cash in hand, it might be prudent for you to fill up your wallet before Thursday. 

(Feature image source: Wikimedia Commons)