Normally when you get your results, your parents are not that happy. But Elon Musk is definitely not one of us normal kids. 

Source: Business Insider

See, earlier today, Musk's mother Maye Musk took to Twitter to share the results of a computer aptitude test her son had taken as a kid. She revealed that little Elon had scored so high that the examiners wanted him to take the test again.

The report card shows that Musk scored an A+ in both Operating and Programming.  As usual Elon fanbois flocked to the tweet. Mind you, there were many others who simply stated the fact that Musk was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth. 

Now, this is impressive. It's definitely a brag but it's still impressive. Now, this is not a commentary on how inhuman and insensitive to human rights Musk's company has been accused of being, or blatantly disregarding labour laws, but still impressive.