After following a set of star signs for over 3000 years, we are now being told that there might not be 12, but 13 zodiac signs and of course we are baffled. It does not concern you at all if you do not follow the star signs, but it does make an impact on those who keep up with the movements of the planets diligently. Frustrating, isn’t it?

The 13th sign, Ophiuchus is said to belong to those born between November 29 – December 18. According to a recent NASA blog post, for people who thought they were Scorpions, the extinct Babylonians have news for you. When deciding to allocate a star sign to each month, they left out the thirteenth, because the months we have in a year are just 12. People are claiming that it’s also the reason why the traits associated to each sign are not accurate.

But do the astronomers at NASA agree? Nope. They, in fact, made a very blunt statement that differentiates their job from star gazing. A spokesperson, Dwayne Brown told Gizmodo

“NASA studies astronomy not astrology.”

Like that gives us any answers at all. What a pickle, where do we stand? Till we find those answers, why not try and learn to pronounce, Ophiuchus eh?

Design Credits: Lakshya Vij